West Springfield Education Association
An affiliate of the Massachusetts Teachers Association and the National Education Association

"A teacher's working conditions ... are a student's learning conditions." *

Taxes 2015

Dues 2015

Unit A (teachers) $753.40
Unit D (Paraprofessionals) $298.18

A Union is more than a bottom line.

So many people think,
"What is the union doing for me?" 

Without a union, there is no contract.

Without a contract there is no security.

So what does that actually mean?

-   It means that step raises could be eliminated.
-    It means that a raise can be denied for years
-    It means that they could revoke the longevity
-    It means that we could have longer teaching hours and      teaching loads
-    It means they could place you anywhere they chose, as      long as you are certified
-    It means they could let you go for no reason
-    It means they could give you five sick days a year and no   personal days
-    It means that there is no more sabbatical leave
-    It means that they could make you come back at night as    many times as they want
-    It means that there will be no one to help you through a     discipline accusation
-    It means that they do not have to follow a grievance            procedure
-    It means extra duty and no compensation
-    It means they could have us work on Saturday

So the next time someone says to you, why do you belong to a union?  Remember it is much more than the bottom line; it's your working conditions as well. 

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