West Springfield Education Association
An affiliate of the Massachusetts Teachers Association and the National Education Association

"A teacher's working conditions ... are a student's learning conditions." *
Be the Voice of Public Education
Identify and advocate for sound education policies
Look out for the interests of our students

Congratulations to our 2013 - 2014 Retirees

Kathy Bousquest, Nancy Costa, Claire Goddu, Sue Goodhind, Kathleen Rosenholm, Tessie Zarr, Susan Urban, Al Alminas, Paul Jurgelonis, Paul Nimchick

WSEA Social honors retirees

Friends of Education
Ann Connors and Dr. Johnston
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MTA Summer Conference in Williamstown

2 Scholarship (Renee Landry attending)
will be funded by the WSEA

The catalogue for Summer Conference 2014 is available now.  It can be found at

There are a couple of programs at the Summer Conference which are provided free of charge. 

The New Membersí Program is for members in their first five years of work.  It covers the basics of being an educator in todayís world and what the union does for them.  The program runs Sunday-Thursday.

The Emerging Leadersí Program (link for app) also runs Sunday and Thursday.  This program is for members, regardless of years of service, who are potentially the next generation of leaders.  The program focuses on issue organizing and teaches the members the skills necessary to get people involved in the unionís issues.

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