West Springfield Education Association
           An affiliate of the Massachusetts Teachers Association and the National Education Association

"A teacher's working conditions ... are a student's learning conditions." *

Come celebrate our retirees
WSEA Social
June 7
Dante Club

Elected for 2018-2020

Joao Franco
Darbie Pettengill

Rights and Responsibility co-chair
Laura Canon
Robert Pettengill

Membership Chair
Leanne Berggrun

Rachel Dionne

Recording Secretary
Susan Gerardi

Corresponding Secretary
Kristen Hogan

Publicity/ Political Ed/IT
Stephanie Dunn

election committee
Howard Bernard (HS)
Mike Mazzotta (MS)

Meeting dates

West Springfield Library
small conference room

NEA Representative Assembly
Angela Valinski
Kathy Hillman

Post Office Box 566
West Springfield, MA 01090

Electoral District  2
Electoral Region A
Association #25

Unit A
Unit D
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MTA Twitter #edchatma Sunday 8:00