The West Springfield Education Association (WSEA) is composed of more than 415 classroom teachers, guidance counselors, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, media specialists, and education support professionals in the city of West Springfield. WSEA is a powerful advocate to ensure school employees are treated fairly on the job, that includes working to make sure that decisions are made openly, with appropriate input, and according to the provisions of the district's contract. WSEA building reps, local association president and UniServ council provides members with local representation.

WSEA team members teach approximately 3,848 students in 9 schools.

What We Do
Strive to improve schools. WSEA members work actively to make West Springfield Public Schools better. We serve on joint problem-solving committees, advocate for policy upgrades, monitor reform efforts nationally for possible adoption here, and provide training and assistance to local schools. WSEA members also look for opportunities to collaborate with parents, community groups, and others working to improve schools.

Represent teachers and other educators. Elected building representatives  meet monthly with each school’s administrators. Massachusetts Teacher’s Association experienced field staff works with members to solve individual and school-wide problems.

Bargain collectively. Negotiations between WSEA and WSPS help to determine salaries, benefits, and working conditions. They also affect language on professional development, class size, and other issues that directly affect the quality of education.

Take political and legislative action. WSEA monitors issues affecting educators and schools. We make our positions known to the board of education, county council, and state legislature. Committees of WSEA members evaluate candidates for political office. Their recommendations go to WSEA's elected Representative Assembly which may make endorsements.

Provide professional development. WSEA offers members training in facilitation, problem solving, group process, leadership skills, and more. Special training is available to new teachers and members who are building representatives or serve on Quality Management Councils, Faculty Advisory Councils, and other bodies.

History of the WSEA

John Franco/Darbie Pettengill 2016
Michelle Davis/Kathleen Hillman 2005 - 2016
Kathleen Hillman 2003 - 2005
Elaine Kirschling Sands 2001-2003
Barbara Wheeler 1997 -1999
Elaine Kirschling 1993 -1997
Peter Kwiat  1991-1993
Jim Tierney 1989-1991
Peter Kwiat  1987-1989
Jim Doyle....1985-1987
Richard Zarecki....1983-1985
Peter Kwiat 1983 (Interim)
Mary Rose Loftus...1979-1983
George Johnston....1979 (resigned illness)
Fred Doherty......1977-1979
Charlie Horner....1975-1977 (Yale University)
Bill Morgan 1973 – 1975.
Tony DiGiore 1971 – 1973.
Fred Lyman 1969 – 1971