West Springfield Education Association
November/December 2017

Focus on the WSEA Updates:
After holding the two information sessions about the WSEA paying representatives, a vote was conducted via email. The results of the vote were 84% yes and 16% no with a total of 101 votes recorded. Thank you for your participation!

Over the summer, some of the board members cleaned out the office. Important files will now be held in Holyoke at the MTA Office.

Applications are being accepted for the Negotiations Committee. There are one middle school, two elementary, and one early childhood positions available. Please contact the WSEA at memberwsea@gmail.com with interest and questions.

We are proposing that our Membership Chair position stipend be increased by $400. We will be holding a vote by the membership. Please keep an eye out for an email survey on this.

WSEA Elections! Any member is welcome to run for any position. If you are interested please email Kathy Hillman a short bio and the position you will be running for by February 1st. The list of positions and their responsibilities can be found in the by-laws and are posted on your WSEA bulletin board.

Upcoming Events:
Our next meeting will be held on Monday, January 8th at 3:40 at the West Springfield Public Library.

Please add memberwsea@gmail.com to your contacts so that emails from the WSEA do not go to your spam folder.

Know your rights! If there is disciplinary action being taken against you, contact your union rep and the WSEA before accepting. (Can be found on pg. 34-36 in your contract)

Please contact Gwen Keough at gkeough@townofwestspringfield.org or visit her webpage for more information on your insurance.

All MTA cards were mailed in August. Please call the Holyoke MTA office at (413) 535-2415 if you haven't received yours yet, unless you are a new hire. Also, register your MTA card online with the MTA for additional discounts and to update your information.

Union Dues:Collection of union dues (or agency fees) for WSEA Unit A via payroll deduction begins annually with the first check in November and continues for 15 payrolls. As this schedule starts and concludes within the current 22 pay-periods there is no impact of changing to 26 pay-period. The WSEA is adjusting the deduction schedule from 10 to 15 pay-periods to account for the lower average gross payment under a 26-check payroll. (For additional information on DUES DEDUCTION please see Article 2 of the WSEA Unit A contract.)

Building Reps
Jenn Dufresne 
Marianne Singer
Jessica Jacobs
Gina Maloney
Maureen Christofori
Karen Santos
Joan Cameron
Karen Kane
Deb Fiorentino
Melissa Duquette
Leanne Berggrun
Phyllis Zuccalo
Lisa Towle
Middle School
Becky Bryant
Chuck Dufault
Kathy Hillman
Natalie Savoy
Laurie Ashe-Unit D
High School
Angela Valinski
Paul Taylor
Brandie Della Giustina
Michelle Kiah
Tim Pitkin

2017-2018 Me e t i n g D a t e s
January 8 t h
February 1 2 t h
March 1 2 t h
April 9 t h
May 1 4 t h
All meetings will be held at the West Springfield Public Library.

We hope to see you there!

If you need to contact your Rights  and Responsibilities

co - chairs,
they can be reached at
ljcanon@yahoo.com or

Insurance information can be found at: www.townofwestspringfield.org/gov/departments/hr/bene fit