Glossary of Educational Acronyms

Teaching is a profession just loaded with acronyms, terms, and phrases. To make matters worse, lingo tends to change fairly regularly, so what you know as one thing may now be called another! What follows is a glossary which should include the words and phrases you will most likely hear within the West Springfield Public Schools. Two good sources or google education then your acronym.

Glossary of Educational Acronyms and Education Terms

ADA  -  Americans with Disabilities Act 504
AIR - America Institute for Research
AYP - Adequate Yearly Progress
AFT - American Federation of Teachers
BIP - Behavioral Intervention Plan
BOE - Board of Education
CAPD - Central Auditory Processing Disorder
CEU - Continuing Education Units
Chapter 766 - Massachusetts state law for Special Education
CICO - Check in Check out
COPE - Committee of Political Education
CSL - Community Service Learning
Data-driven Decision Making the collection and analysis of test results, demographic information, and other student data to make more informed decisions about instruction
DBT - Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
DCA - District Capacity Assessment
DCF. - Department of Child and Family (Formally DSS)
DDM District Determined measures
DIP - District Improvement Plan
DOE - Department of Education
DSAC - district and School Assistance Center
E.A.P. - Employee Assistance Program
ELL - English Language Learner
ESL - English as a Second Language
ESEA - Elementary and Secondary Education Act (No Child Left Behind)
ESP - Education Support Professionals
FAPE - Free and Appropriate Public Education
FBA Functional Behavioral Assessment
IDEA -  Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
IDI - Inclusive Differentiated Instruction
IEP - Individual Educational Plan
Inclusion - Including special education and bilingual students in regular education
IPDP - Individual Professional Development Plan
IST  - Instructional Support Team (elementary level)
JLMC - Joint Labor Management Committee
Learning Life Skills - Low incidence program for moderate to severe multiple handicapped students
LEP - Limited English Proficiency
LLD - Language Learning Disabled
MABE - Massachusetts Association of Bilingual Educators
MCAS - Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System
MTA - Massachusetts Teachers Association
MTEL - Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure
MTSS - Massachusetts Tired Systems and Supports
NABE - National Association of Bilingual Educators
NEA - National Education Association
NELMS - New England League of Middle Schools
OCD - Oppositional Compulsion Disorder
ODD - Obsessive Defiant Disorder
PD - Professional Development
PDD - Pervasive Development Disorder
PDP - Professional Development Points
PLC- Professional learning communities
PTO - Parent Teacher Organization
PTS - Professional Teacher Status
REE - Reinventing Educator Evaluation
RTI - Response to Intervention
SAC - School Adjustment Counselor
S.A.P - Student Assistance Plan
SIP - School Improvement Plan
SISEP - Scaling-up of Evidence-Based Practice Center
SJC - Supreme Judicial Court
SLD - Specific Learning Disability
SLL - Second Language Learner
SPED - Special Education
Student Support Teachers - Special education teachers
SWAT - Stop Walk Away Talk (grade 6 bully initiative)
TASC - Teacher Association Study conference
Title I - Federal funds that provide assistance to meet the special needs of economically disadvantaged students
WSEA West Springfield Education Association
WSIT - West Springfield Implementation Team
WSPS West Springfield Public Schools