What is a Memorandum of Agreement? (MOA)

It is a mutual agreement between the WSEA president(s) and the superintendent to expresses a convergence of will between the parties, indicating an intended common line of action.

06/14/17        new clubs for 2017 Irish Club (HS) and GSA Club (MS) and 2017-2018 Business Club (HS) Rock Climbing Club (HS) and American History Club (MS) and eliminate Yoga (HS)
05/07/15        Pathways to Prosperity outside of regular school day pay
05/07/15        Peer to Peer Observation Pay (during prep time)
04/02/15        Student Feedback for Educator Evaluation Instrument
04/02/2015    Western MA Education Leaders Coalition Position Statement on Testing
10/28/2014    High School Early Release lunch period 60 minutes
9/3/2014        Joint Management (School Committee and WSEA agreement)
7/29/2014      NEA Foundation split cost of one more person
5/7/2014        New Hires required to have direct deposit of payroll checks
5/7/2014        Co-team Leader for Unified Arts (2014-15 & 2015-16)
12/4/2013      Peer to Peer Observation
11/19/2013    Sheltered English Immersion Endorsement (SEI)
10/22/2013    Learning Walkthroughs (Coburn and Mittineague)
10/02/2013    Terrier House Detention
8/30/2013      Educator Evaluation Procedure

04/2/15          Article 8 Evaluation
10/30/2014     Longevity payment first pay period of January
10/28/2014     Ratify the new evaluation by January 1, 2015