ELL Summit

The Massachusetts Teachers Association is hosting an ELL Summit on March 3, 2018, in Waltham, MA. This conference is sponsored by the Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee and the Education Support Professionals Committee.
The Committees are currently accepting proposals for two-hour workshops. Presenters will be paid $200 per workshop.
Proposals will be evaluated based on the strength of their descriptions (250 words or less) including the following information:
* Goals/objectives that will make sure educators leave the workshops with practical skills, tools, and techniques they can immediately apply to their work
* Interactive teaching strategies to model excellent pedagogy aligned to the content of the workshop
* Clear explanation of who the workshop is designed for (job roles, grade levels, skill levels, etc)
The committees are looking for proposals in the following areas:
* Teaching methodologies for ELLs, especially workshops that qualify for PDP points for preK-12 teachers
* Classroom support strategies for ELLs that teacher and paradeducator teams can use
* Ideas and/or models for organizing ELL students and/or parents
* Social and Emotional Learning and Trauma-Informed educational approaches for ELLs
* Legal and legislative issues related to ELLs and undocumented students
When choosing workshops, the committees will choose from the strongest proposals that provide a balanced program to meet the needs of our diverse group of participants.
Propose your workshop at http://proposalspace.com/calls/d/851
Submission Deadline is Sunday, January 21, 2018 at 11:59pm.
Jessica M. Parlon, CMP
Division Coordinator
Division of Training & Professional Learning
Massachusetts Teachers Association
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Quincy, MA 02171-2119
w. 617.878.8153
f. 617.570.4957

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