Term 2016 - 2018

Executive Board                        Email                                    School
Co Presidents
John Franco                                    francofour@@comcast.net                            High School
Darbie Pettengill                              Petdrb9@comcast.net                                   Coburn

Grievance Chairs
Robert Pettengill                            RiskRop@comcast.net                                    High School
Laura Canon                                  ljcanon@yahoo.com                                       Mittineague

Recording Secretary
Sue Gerardi                                   smar822@aol.com                                          Mittineague

Coresponding Secretary
Kristen Hogan                                Kmantoni5@gmail.com                                   Mittineague                            

Karen Teixeira                                stevekels@comcast.net                                    Middle School

Membership Chair
Kristin Metcalf                                Kametcalf7@gmail.net                                      Coburn                          

Political Ed/Publicity
Kathleen Hillman                              khillman179@gmail.com                                   Middle                         

Newsletter Editor
Kristin Hogan                                    Kmantoni5@gmail.com                                    Mittineague

Responsibilities of the President/Co-Presidents of the WSEA

1.     Head negotiations for Unit A and Unit D (numerous meetings with team prior to each session of bargaining and bargaining sessions with school committee)
2.    Meet monthly with Superintendent
3.    Monthly WSEA meeting
4.    Monthly School Committee meetings (2 each month)
5.    Belong to the following committees in which you have to attend
        a.     District wide Evaluation committee
        b.    District wide Bullying committee
        c.    District wide Technology committee
        d.    District wide PLC
        e.    Town's Insurance committee
        f.    Oversee membership, treasurer, scholarship, sick bank, and grievance committees
6    Four times a year Presidents meeting in Northampton
7    Three times a year Presidents meeting in Natick or Marlboro
8    Annual meeting in Boston, Mother's Day weekend
9    NEA meeting Fourth of July week, somewhere in the United States
10    Attend meetings state wide & out of state with Superintendent and School Committee
11    Joint Labor Meetings on off years of negotiating contracts (twice each school year)
12    Budget meetings (two sessions)
13    End of the year social
14    Hold member meetings for voting on the contract
15    Edit the Focus on the WSEA and WSEA website
All meetings held after school and run an average of 2 ½ hours.
Presidents meetings run from 4 to 8 o'clock

Holds the funds of the WSEA and disburses them in accordance with budgeted authorization.
Keeps accurate account of receipts and disbursements and submits written reports to the Executive Committee.
In charge of submitting financial documents to the Auditor.
W2 for officers
Collects Mail from Post Office Box.

Keeps a full and accurate account of all of the WSEA business transacted during meetings.
Provides building reps with a list of all board members, committee chairs and committee members to be posted in all schools
Distributes minutes of the Executive Board to officers and faculty representatives for distribution to the general membership.

Maintains a roll of the membership
Bills the membership for fair share annual dues