Pay Check Abbreviations

BCS    BlueCross Health Insurance (pre-tax)
UDS    Union Dues
GLF    General Life Insurance $2,000 life policy
MIS      Miscellaneous for people who have some sort of wage attachments
UMN    Disability Insurance for School personnel only
UFD    United Fund
ANN    Tax Shelter Annuities school dept only
ANS    Deferred Compensation 457B town wide
NEH    New Enlgand health and Racket (Health Trax Gym)
BCT    BlueCross (taxable)
DIS      Disability Insurance through Mutual of Omaha,town wide
LIF       Life Insurance through Mutual of Omaha, town wide
AMR   Cafeteria Plan 125 medical reimbursement
CCR    Cafeteria Plan 125 child care reimbursement
ECR    Cafeteria Plan 125 Elder care reimbursement
AGF    Agency Fees (Union)
MPB    At one time it was for only Military pension buyback, now it's open to all buyback
PUT    Putnam Investments for kids's college savings 459 plan
LRP    Loan re-payment through Mass Mutual through your compensation plan
CLT    Colonial Life - Taxable
CDT    Colonial Disability Taxable
CAT    Colonial Accident Taxable
CCT    Colonial Cancer Taxable
CLP    Colonial Life - Pre-Tax
CDP    Colonial Disability - Pre-Tax
CAP    Colonial Accident - Pre-Tax
CCP    Colonial Cancer - Pre-Tax-----