WSEA  Meeting - September 11, 2017
West Springfield Library Rotary Club Conference Room, 3:40 p.m.


I. Old Business -
Parting with current meeting facility - Immediate notice to vacate
Some items left in office discussion on what to do with them
Purchasing a new locked cabinet-to be housed in Holyoke office
Shredding day on October
     2. Paying the Reps - Process;  Each Rep will get $20 for each meeting attended (Approved by board), payable twice per year.
Need membership vote after general meeting, date? (By-Law Change)
How to conduct vote? Electronically or in person
Explain rationale to pay and vacate building to membership
Maximize e-mail use for all these exchanges
Discussion about new email address:
Include increase for Membership Chair ( discussion)
    3. Updating financial record keeping -
Quick Books
Tim Pitkin as mentor and transition person (if necessary)
President's Report:
II. New Business
Overview from meeting with Ludlow treasurer, August 16
             a. MTA benefits and support
                1. Scholarships; increase
                2. Local Office support, printing, for example
                3. Public Relations grant
4. Year end accounting, Ludlow pays much less
             b. Fiduciary responsibility;checking account
Tim Pitkin - Political Action Liaison (PAL)
Membership Lists-Kristen
Be sure that members have received their membership card
Discussion about getting small netbooks or laptops for board members


Reports  by Recording Secretary
Reports by Corresponding Secretary
Report by Grievance Chairs
Report by Treasurer

May 8, 2017   3:40            
West Springfield Library-small conference room

Accept minutes from last meeting
Officials’ Reports
School Reports

Negotiations volunteers: Unit A, Angela Valinski, Michelle Kiah, Jim Giguere. Unit D, Marcia Abbe, Anne Roy and Donna Balas.

26 week pay begins with first paycheck on the 2nd Thursday in September.

Friend of Education Award: Mr. Reichelt, Colleen Marcus, Barbara Madeloni

Tim Pitkin, John Franco, Karen Teixeira, and Brian Ostrowski to get together over summer for
Treasury upgrade

Need for June Meeting? Executive only?

Old Business:
Sick Bank document

June 8 Social: Kristen Mantoni …….
Volunteers for set up (Thank you in Advance)
Need raffle prizes
Vote: CO2  4-7 $250 to play at the social
Paying Reps - Is there a consensus to proceed? Needs to be done for September. Suggest paying $20 per meeting per (official) building rep.

Office Space:  Do we need it? Thoughts?

New Business
Laura Canon - Discussion about increasing all the pay (except the Rights and Responsibilities) These haven’t increased in at least 10 years.

MOAs to date

Staff Attendance / Personal Days/ Extended Holidays

Volunteers to be on committee: New evaluation language, removing DDM’s.

WSEA Meeting Agenda           
December 12, 2016
HIgh School    B221 LGI

Old Business:

By-law Changes; Meeting to vote needed
Paul Ryan MTA Rep: gave kudos to the union for making movement in trying to use technology as a way to communicate to the members but while we move in that direction we still need to use the by-laws currently in place. Our bylaws, in Paul’s opinion calls for a “public” meeting with a ten day notice. We will seek that vote on January 9th at the WSEA board meeting. Notice will go out in the Focus.
Class sizes; To be brought up to Superintendent
Paying Reps, Discussion; Postponed discussion
District awareness presentation - Suspended

New Business:
Joint Labor Management Committee
Seniority lists, Units A and D
*Lists were passed out
Representative Training; MTA-looking to set up a date with the representatives to discuss rights, responsibilities and communication
Ludlow: Model of Union activity-looking into a visit to met with the board-if interested send email to John or Darbie.
Sick Bank: Becky Bryant and Angela Valinski; Paul Ryan to find proper rules and pass along; postponed; tabled

** Gwen Keough is willing to do a workshop on retirement, insurance

** Darbie is checking to see if we can have a workshop on a PD day for paras, maybe Patricia Reardon on EAP benefits.

**Personal Day: Unit D must be approved, you can’t call in an just state you are taking a personal day.

Recording Secretary’s Report- as received

Treasurer’s Report as received

Membership Report  MTA/Payroll fixing errors, please let Kristin know of anyone that is leaving/returning after a LOA.
*discussion about not taking out dues to new hirees until their 90 days is up. Darbie/Kristin will look into this.

Grievance Report   nothing beyond Level 2

Corresponding Secretary:  Please send any info (birth,weddings, deaths, or illness) to Kristen.
Kristen will do the Focus


Classroom observations:have a meeting with principal set-up to discuss write ups
Classroom make-ups: social/peer models, ELL, ---give # ratios to Darbie

Fausey: No Report
Coburn: No Report
Tatham: Not Present
Mittineague: No Report
Middle School:
PD: Workshop Model,: Department Chairs providing things for Unit D to do.
Duties need to be fair and equitable
ELL/Full Inclusion, Applied Academics/ Co-Teaching...Should students and teams share/rotate clientele---Retell, Sped
High School:
3 wins to share out
1. More support at the HIgh School with cut slips
2. Safety of teachers after school has been addressed
3. Principal made two remarks at School Committee, and apologized at a staff meeting.

WSEA Minutes
November 15, 3:40 - 4:40
Middle School Conference Room
Co-President’s Report:John
Old Business:    
1. By-law changes proposal to membership-this is be made into a survey monkey for a vote.
Dear WSEA Members:
The WSEA board recommends the following changes with a “Yes” vote to the by-laws to improve communication and representation as was mentioned at convocation. Please vote accordingly to the following changes:
Addition of a Rights and Responsibilities co-chairperson.
The increase of $600 stipend from $1900 to $2500 for the position of Rights and Responsibilities (To be divided in half if #1 passes, $1250 for each). This was voted on by the board last spring, but was note voted by the members.
The addition of “communication” responsibility to be added to the Political/Publicity committee.
* The wording will be cleaned-up to avoid any misunderstandings and sent out through survey monkey.
2. How Reps should conduct representation of staff, issues, and pertinent conditions
* The High School is setting up a website, surveys to get word out about issues, concerns, conditions etc. Then the reps have a central location for specific information to go to the
administration with. John shared this so if other buildings needed suggestions.
3. Update on E-mail list from Kristin Metcalf
  * continue to send emails to Kristin
4. Paying Reps, discussion (Tabled)
  discussion was to pay reps about $180.00 per year with no more than 2 excused absences.-Please feel free to email Sue Gerardi, if you are unable to come
New Business:
1. Canvas the reps and staff for a need to do a school committee “District Awareness” presentation.
* Discussion was to use the JLMC for the purpose of discussing global or specific issues prior to negotiations
2. Chrome book and Insurance
*recommendation is to keep your computer in school, locked until we sort this out. The insurance is around $27.00, we will be bringing it up to Paul Ryan, our MTA Rep.

Co-President’s Report: Darbie
New Teachers MTA Meeting- $65.00, you will be reimbursed-if interested contact Darbie
SPED: the new forms for DCAP, IST forms-you can ask for time to fill out new forms, relieved from duty to fill out forms. you can ask

Think about: New hires and dues not being collected until the 90 day mark, due to being let go, then we have to give back dues.

Effective Fall of 2017—change in payroll…members may want to look into payroll deductions, 401.k, etc. because amount will be spread though more paycheck
Recording Secretary’s Report:
  amend: para handbook to para evaluation in Oct. minutes.
Motion to accept minutes, seconded: Unanimous affirmative
Treasurer’s Report: as presented
motion to accept minutes, seconded: Unanimous affirmative
Membership’s  Report: None
Professional  Rights & Responsibility Report:
  a few things in the fire at Level 1-2
Corresponding Secretary: No Report

School Share-Outs:

Kathy Hillman: IAC met/meets on Oct 19th, Dec 7th-all unions come
together to discuss insurance guidelines, Atlus dental, retiree insurance to go up a little(15%). Sandra McFadden and Peter Savage will be coming to speak with us.
*Letter to the Mayor appointing Kathy Hillman as our rep for the Insurance Advisory Committee.

Guidance Counselors do not have a rubric for evaluation: Kathy Hillman presented something to John, Darbie, and PRR

Ashley Report: we were not informed in a timely manner about the second day, we were informing parents 4 days before, it looked sloppy.
Curriculum Days are from 3:15-4:15
Coburn, Memorial, Fausey, Mittineague, Tatam: No Share out