Unit D Sick Bank

Sick Bank Committee
High School
Middle School Laurie Ashe Chairperson


The sick bank committee shall meet, at least, once every year, to review the number of days residing in the sick bank, and additionally as requests are made.

All those hired under the Unit D contract who, from time of the first opportunity, select the agency fee or the scholarship option rather than membership in the West Springfield Education Association, who choose NOT to participate, and withhold their sick day from the sick bank, will receive NO benefit from the sick bank at any time in the future.

All those requesting days from the sick bank must make a written request via the attached application.

All such requests shall be sent to Sick Bank Chairperson for presentation to the committee.

All those requesting sick days from the sick bank, must have used all their accumulated sick time, prior to receipt of additional days.

Medical need must be verified by a physician's note.

Medical information must include the beginning date, length of the expected recuperation, and the expected date of return to work signed by the physician in charge.

Medical leave, provided by sick bank days, will end no later than the last day of the school year in which the days were granted.

Multiple requests by the same person will only be considered at the discretion of the committee.

At the discretion of the committee, extensions of the 30 day rule may be granted in extreme circumstances.

Sick Bank Application Unit D
Medical Form Unit D

Sick Bank
183 days available as of January 5, 2012