Unit D

Professional Procedures (Negotiating) Unit D
Early Childhood 
Middle                  Laurie Ashe  2017-2019
High School        Marcia Abbe 2017-2019         Anne  Roy  2017-2019  

Unit D nominations 2017-2018

Marcia Abbe

I would like to be on the Negotiation Committee for Unit D for the next contract sessions. I have served on this committee for approximately the past twenty years. I have also served on the Evaluation Committee. I was a Representative for Unit D at West Springfield High School for three years. I have been employed as a paraprofessional with the West Springfield School System for thirty seven years and have worked at Camp Robinson for fifteen years

Ann Roy
I was hired in November 2006 as a ninth grade inclusion paraprofessional.  This school year, I have the opportunity to work with all high school grades. 
I have been on the last two contract negotiation teams for Unit D and I have attended MTA workshops.  My goal is to continue to participate on the negotiation committee for Unit D.    

Norman Gilbert
I would like to be consider  for a position on the negotiating team for the up coming negotiations for unit D, High School rep.

I have worked for the West Springfield schools for over 9 years either as a sub or a full time para, I have worked at all buildings and can understand  the issues. I presently work at the High School.

Prior to working here I worked for the United States Postal Service and was a union steward/ union officer for over 25 years, with having input on negotiation of contacts at the national level, negotiating  contracts on the local level for the Springfield General Mail Facility and the Bulk Mail Center in Indian Orchard.

I have worked with with children for over 40 years, in schools, Boy Scouts & and Girls Scouts,

I retired after twenty years from the US navy with the rank of Chief Petty Officer ( submarine  Service) E-7

I am a  owner of a small business that deals with both individual home owners and  suppliers to get the best deal for the customer.


Laurie Ashe
Mother/Wife-live here in Town of WS
Both children educated in WSPS 2010 & 2015 grads
Paraprofessional WSPS/10 years
Educated and Graduate WSPS 1981
Studied business HCC, University of MD
Member of WSPS Mentor Program
Professional Development Committee for (paras)
Turn Organization (teachers union reform network)
Instruct the GSA Club at WSMS
Union negotiations member (2 terms)
I would like to continue to work with the negotiations committee representing the paraprofessionals within our district another term.


Early Childhood