WSEA Union Benefits
The West Springfield Education Association (WSEA) represents you in all matters related to the West Springfield collective bargaining agreements
Research has shown that people in industries with union representation benefit from higher wages. Unions improve and seek to protect working conditions for all.
You can choose to join the WSEA (the union), which is affiliated with the Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA) and the National Education Association (NEA), or to pay an agency service fee, which covers the costs of collective bargaining and contract enforcement rights for all members.
WSEA membership includes benefits that are covered by your union dues. Here are your benefits as a member.

Union Member:
You are protected by a

"    $1,250,000 liability insurance policy that protects against lawsuits connected to your employment, such as from disgruntled students.

"    $300,000 per occurrence for civil rights issues

"    $35,000 per occurrence in attorney reimbursement for defense of criminal charges

"    $1,000   per bond in bail bond protection in the event you are jailed in connection with your employment.

"    $500 per assault for damages to your personal property when damages are caused by an assault in the course of your employment.

"    Payment of all medical expenses to the injured Party

(Agency Fee Payer: You are personally liable for judgment against you. You have to represent yourself or hire and pay for your own attorney. You would need to negotiate with your attorney regarding how to pay for their services.)

Leadership and Voice
Union Member: You are eligible to vote in all WSEA Elections such as those for chapter and statewide union officers.

(Agency Fee Payer: You have no say in who the union leaders are.)

Union Member:
You can run for office within the WSEA, MTA and NEA offices; serve on committees within the WSEA, MTA and NEA; and become a delegate to the policy-making bodies within the WSEA, MTA and NEA.

(Agency Fee Payer: You have no ability to affect the union's position on policy matters or internal governance.)

Union Member: You are eligible for thousands of discounts through MTA Benefits. There are discounts on auto, home and life insurance; mortgage financing; vision care and tax preparation. You also have access to free or reduced admissions to museums, theaters, recreation areas and more.
(Agency Fee Payer: You are not eligible for these benefits through MTA.)

NEA provides Complimentary Life Insurance

This free insurance is a guaranteed benefit to active members who are employed in the field of education. Your coverage is completely automatic and provides four levels of coverage.

(1) Basic life insurance coverage up to $1,000. The amount depends on the length of the member's continuous association membership.

(2) Accidental death and dismemberment insurance coverage equal to five times the basic life insurance coverage, up to $5,000.

(3) A special benefit that pays $50,000 for accidental death or dismemberment that occurs on the job or while acting on association business in the capacity of an association leader. 

(4) A $150,000 homicide benefit.

All you have to do is register the name of your beneficiary to enroll in the program. Call toll free: 800.637.4636.
Enroll online at