WSEA Meeting March 12    3:40-4:30    Rotary Club Conference Room, WS Library

Acceptance of last meeting’s minutes

Old Business
Max Page - Candidate for MTA Vice-President
Marcia Abbe has removed her name from negotiations citing family concerns. That leaves Mr. Norm Gilbert and Anne Roy for uncontested positions
IT candidate update: J. Anna Aloisi recommended by Stephanie Straitiff; follow-up

New Business

Kathy Hillman and Insurance update. 
We will continue to fight for copay reimbursement.
Not expecting any increase next year.
Teachers have the biggest percentage when voting.
There will be an opening for this committee next year.

Tylor discussed with building reps about setting up meetings with each building.

Support Northampton with Backpacks Full of Cash on May 2nd.

Charter School - Update; recent events / “Backpack Full of Cash”
Mayor, superintendent, school committee, parents and teachers were there
State was surprised that there was so much opposition to the school going into West Springfield.

May 4, 5 State Convention - We can have up to eleven delegates, interest?
Laura, Darbie, Rob, Maryanne, Ricki, Lauren Browne, Angela, Kathy, Jen D, Laurie Ashe, John.  Leanne is an alternate

Concerns regarding Paras must be supported in contract language; Negotiate
Para Survey Results-Laura will bring them

Leanne Berggrun: Candidate for Membership Chair

Professional Development/ Licensure folders to be handed out
Organizer/folder for teachers. Each building took enough for their members

MTA candidates Forum: April 3, 4:30 in Springfield, 1000 Wilbraham Rd.; for member e-mail
Candidates for president will be there

NOTE: Officers have been getting hacked messages “from me”. Please beware of solicitation for funds. I will never do that. Darbie has control of the purse strings, Karen too.

Building Share-outs
High School
Middle School-PD want 15 hours PDP for sped and ELL
John Ashley-They are not going for Nyac accreditation this year.
Paras-starting to work on concerns for next contract. Missing 2 from Elementary and 1 from Early Childhood.  Norm is going to try and get them.

Recording Secretary: As presented by Laura Canon, accepted Unanimous Affirmative
Corresponding Secretary-
Rights and Responsibilities

WSEA Minutes February 12, 2018

1. Acceptance of last meeting’s minutes:To Be Sent: Computer Issue
Attendance: Darie,John,Laura, Gilbert,Maureen Karen Santos,Karin K, Jessica,
Marianne, Gina, Jenn,Karen T, Kristin, Kristen, Becky, Laurie, Deb, Rob, Paul,
Tim,Kathy Melissa, Leanne, Lisa T, Kendra, Sue
Introducing: Mr. Max page, candidate for MTA president
a. WSEA Social set, June 7, Dante Club
b. Negotiations team - SET
c. Elections - SET, June 1,
1. All positions filled, exception “Publicity”
2. Election Committee - Howard Bernard, Annie Charron
d. Tyler Rocco - MTA availability in schools
a. Briefing from All Presidents Meeting, Westborough, January 20
i. Massachusetts is a battleground state for educational privatization efforts.
ii. Several officers from various districts spoke regarding the importance of
connecting directly with members and keeping them informed, united.
iii. MTA attorney spoke on issues affecting “Right to Work” states and how they
have lost the power to negotiate in a collective bargaining fashion.
b. The Janus decision is due this month and will likely result in an average 10% drop in
affiliation - B. Madeloni
c. Movie - “Backpacks Full of Cash” February, 28, 7 p.m. - West Side auditorium. An
overview of the efforts by private enterprise to expand and take over public education. A
regional collective effort showing - Springfield, Agawam, Chicopee, Holyoke, West Side.
Please pass along to members (Focus, e-mail)
Building Share- Outs
Memorial: Para day after Veteran’s Day, death in family issue
Mittineague=No Report Coburn=No Report Cowing=No Report
Ashley: Curriculum Day, Dress Down, PBIS-Bus, NAEYC????,Retention, IST Process
Tatham: ABA teachers and preptime
Middle School: Can we have the breakdown of union dues?
High School
Paras:lack of para, asked to sub for teachers,
Recording Secretary: Will send minutes
Corresponding Secretary: WSEA SOCIAL: Thursday June 7th
Grievance Chairs
Treasurer: As received: we will be getting back $214.25 from Eversource
Membership Chair: 480.55 is the union dues for 2017
20/20 weeks….be on the look out

WSEA Meeting Agenda        3:40 - 4:45 December 11      
West Springfield Library, Rotary Club Room

Attendance: Jessica Jacobs Williamson, Kendra Danio, Marianne Singer, Becky Bryant, Laurie Ashe, Karen Texeira, Kathleeen Hillman, Paul Taylor, Karin Kane, Jennifer Dufresne, Natalie Savoy, Tim Pitkin, Kristen Hogan, Lisa Towle, Leanne Beerggrun, Norman Gilbert, Darnie Pettengil, Rob Pettengil, John Franco, Laura Canon and Sue Gerardi

1. Approval of minutes from last meeting:
     Accepted as read with amendment, unanimous affirmative
     Membership Chair stipend is $800.00 with increase will now be $1200.00

2. Old Business

Fiduciary Responsibility - Checking account to CD’s (Tabled from September)
            We need to have a full year with new pay schedule before we can look at any changes
SEI Endorsement - Mass General Law 71A
            We will all need to have Retell/SEI endorsements by 2020: we will find out how DESE
            is interpreting any new changes
“ALL-IN” Campaign: on the local level we can keep members informed, stay connected,
            celebrate members, continue to have 10 minute meetings
Donation to the Library’s capital fund: maybe we can sponsor an event to

3. New Business -

Request for Norm Gilbert, Unit D member, to represent and serve in negotiation team for 
            Unit A. By-Laws do not disqualify. Discussion, table discussion
            Unit D, Unit A : we will need new member

Are building principals making it mandatory that you contribute to the District Spotlight
            Buildings were asked to report out

Feedback on DESE visit. General discussion, seemed positive

Insurance Advisory Committee: Kathy Hillman: will work on a survey to send to members
            about potential changes,

E.         Scholarship: Tim Pitkin is asking for an increase in the amount of the scholarship


Building Share-Outs
Paras: Unit D still waiting for seniority list               
Memorial: No Report           
Mittineague: Lack of Subs
Coburn: Large 5th grade-new teacher to be hired, influx of students from Puerto Rico waiting on funding           
Cowing:No Report
Tatham: No Report-new first grade opening went smoothly           
Middle School: Math/Science classes large, sei, sped       
High School:12 open para positions, paras being reassigned, Large Science/Math classes -SEI classes are being co-taught
Fausey: Lack of Subs, selling of merchandise

Recording Secretary as presented
Corresponding Secretary: June Social is June 7th
Grievance Chairs: all good-teachers know your contract, be on time
Treasurer will present report in January
Membership Chair: Kristin is not running again for membership chair, this will become an open position.

WSEA Board Meeting Minutes 11/13/17

Approval of October Minutes: as received: Unanimous affirmative.

Old Business:
"    Stipend for Membership Chair:
motion was made to increase the membership chair stipend from $300.00 to $400.00. Unanimous affirmative
"    Netbooks/Laptops: motion made to purchase 5 laptops for key members of the board: Unanimous affirmative-Laura and Darbie will research the deals

New Business:
"    Tyler Rocco was an ESP affiliate, but has been newly hired by MTA for the grassroots campaign "ALL IN"
a.    Supreme Court case Fredricks vs, California Teachers Union--union membership voluntary-no agency fees-all members     are covered at no cost.
b.    Ruled in favor of person  not union
c.    Janus Decision
d.    Going to court in the summer-we need to get prepared for the expected result and the ripple effect on organized labor
e.    Attack on unions
f.    Right to work for the public sector
g.    Unions and MTA will be reaching out for help.
"    Bylaws- positions and job responsibilities

Treasurer's Report: as received: Unanimous Affirmative
Membership Report: packets are in(fair share)
Professional Rights and Responsibilities: No Report
Corresponding Secretary: No Report
Political Action Liaison: No Report