Kathy Hillman    X                    Michelle Davis    X                Sue Gerardi    X               Laura Canon    X
Sue Wilson    X                        Angela Valinski    X               Karen Texeira    X           Agnes Robarge    X
Phyllis Zuccalo                         Lisa Towle                            Deb Fiorentino    X          Heather Piper-Witruk   
Kristin Metcalf    X                    Ellen Pichey    X                    Karen Santos                  Nick Stevens     
Brandie Della Giustina    X        Anne Charron                       Marianne Singer    X
Elena  Grechko-Martin    X        Gina Maloney                        Rob Pettingil    X            MTA: MaryElen Calderwood    X

Recording Secretary:
May minutes presented, amend  "no report" for Professional Rights and Responsibilities. As ammended . Unanimous affirmative with amendments.

CoPresident's Report:

Old Business
"    Fingerprinting: before the start of the 2016-2017 school year or toll free 866-349-8130
L-P August 2015 through December 2015
Q-Z January 2016-May 2016

New Business
"    Revenue Campaign: September-November:trying to get a levy tax rate on people who make more than 1,000,000: earmark for Public Education/Transportation "Ballot Initiative"
"    High Stakes Testing trying to pass a bill-House 340 testing moratorium.
"    Agency Fee Challenge: trying to take agency fees for any state- supreme court for any union- (California State)
"    Charter School Legislation (Hearing October 13th) stop state money going to Charter Schools 4-3
"    Just Cause: trying to get rid of just cause at the state levels
(technically just for termination)
"    Petition to put 2 educators on the board of Elementary and Secondary Education .
"    Negotiations: committee needs 1 EC, 1 HS, 1 Middle Teacher
Unit A and Unit D will meet on October 27th to set up ground rules
*Survey members; there will be a survey sent out 
"    Seniority list is on the website-check for accuracy.
Unit D: grandfathered member: 15 days all at once
             newer members : 1 per month
"    TURN (Teacher Union Reform Network) looking for parent involvement, community involvement.
"    NEA Foundation : October 8th and 9th  West Springfield has been invited back: Washington DC- Teacher Lead PD

Co-President's Report:
Mass Child: Back to School Grant $250.00, if a child or children need anything .let Michelle know by November 20th.
Professional Rights and Responsibilities:
Goals are due October 15th: year 1 of 2

Membership Report:
Fair Share letters were returned, does anyone know?
Please give them to the person in the presence of another person.

Treasurer's Report: As presented: Unanimous affirmative. 

Corresponding Secretary:
Please keep sending announcement to Laura Canon.

"    Post DDM and MOA on your WSEA Bulletin Board
"    Share minutes, treasurers report can be shared not to be posted.

Next Meetings:
Oct.13, Nov.9th, Dec 7th, Jan. 11th, Feb. 9th, March 7th,April 11th, May 9th

Kathy Hillman    X    Michelle Davis        Sue Gerardi    X    Laura Canon    X
Sue Wilson    X    Angela Valinski        Karen Texeria    X    Agnes Robarge   
Phyllis Zuccalo    X    Lisa Towle        Deb Fiorentino    X       
Heather Piper-Witruk        Kristin Metcalf    X    Paige Jacobs    X    Lynne Swistak   
Ellen Pichey    X    Karen Santos    X            Nick Stevens   
Brandie Della Giustina        Anne Charron        Marianne Singer       
Paul Ryan MTA   

Elena  Grechko-Martin    X    Gina Maloney        Rob Pettingil    X    Monica Dana
Guest    X
Recording Secretary:
As  presented . Unanimous affirmative.
President's Report:
Old Business
"    Fingerprinting: before the start of the 2016-2017 school year or toll free 866-349-8130
A-D Oct. 2014 - Mar.2015
E-K  April 2015-August 2015
L-P   August 2015 - December 2015
Q-Z  Jan.2016- May 2016
"    PD Survey - District Team May 13,2015 outcome of the NEA Foundation Grant
New Business
"    Insurance Question Meeting to be held this month
"    Fausey Principal: Myriam Ulloa-Skolnick
"    High School Principal Interviews set for Wednesday, May 13th
Finalist Dr. Vito Perrone and Mrs. Purnima Vadhera
"    Para Evaluation: have them place new evaluation form in their contract, this is what they will be evaluated on
"    Building Reps: Memorial 1, Middle 2
"    MTA Annual Meeting- Friday May 8th and Sat. May 9th in Boston: Kathy Dubuque, Marianne Singer, Kristen Metcalf, Eileen Lutat, Nick Stephens, Sue Wilson, Kathy Hillman, Ellen Pichey,
--MTA will not raise their dues for 2015-2016
--Parents are choosing the opt- out for testing, process is easier now
--Summer Conferences will not be held at UMASS-the professors have not received their $ for their raises, misappropriated
"    Holyoke Update: State has taken over, no collective bargaining, longer days, longer year, no contractů
"    MTA : Paul Ryan has asked us to sign a memorandum on testing
"    Town Council meeting 5/18 7:00 Please attend and show your support, school budget to be discussed
"    Evaluations: summative is due on June 1st, there should be no surprises!
"    Friend of Education: Nancy Farrell and Pat G
Motion made to include a  gift certificate in the amount to be determined to the friends of education: discussion
Motion also modified to: to go along with plaque to give a $50.00 visa gift card to the friends of education winners this year.
Unanimous affirmative

Professional Rights and Responsibilities: No Report
please give as much info as possible when calling to explain a situation
Vice President's Report: No Report
Membership Report: No Report
Treasurer's Report: As presented: Unanimous affirmative
Corresponding Secretary:
Spring Social: Thursday, June 11th
School Share-outs:
Tatham: New tile flooring, staff will need to pack everything
Coburn: October 21st does it count as PTS
Mittineague: No Report
Middle: VP to be announce next week
High- Principal Interviews
Fausey: New Principal chosen:
Memorial: No Report