WSEA Board Meeting
March 13th

Attendance: John F, Darbie, Sue G, Rob, Laura, Kristin, Karen T, Kristen, Kathy H, Paul, Jenn, Maureen, Jessica, Marianne, Karen S,
Joan, Karen, Deb, Melissa, Becky, Rob, Chuck, Laurie, Leanne, Tim, Angela and Phyliss.
Co-President’s Report:
Ludlow Visit: Paul, Rob, John made a visit to the Ludlow Union Office.
* picked in some good tips
* Union involves assistant principals as a unit, secretary etc.
*They have an accounting program we are looking into
20/20 Weeks Club extension deadline has been changed to March 24th
June 8th Thursday-Dante Club 3:30-7:00
( Please remember we need raffles from each building)
* What do we think about live music?
Board agreed to have Darbie/John look into possible entertainment.
Sick Bank Report/Discussion:
* 80 days so far have been used…
* 2/3 requests the committee did not deem “catastrophic”
* catastrophic vs chronic-
    we need to clean up our language and understanding.
* every new teacher gives 1 day.

MTA: Annual Meeting May 19-20- 11 delegates
anyone interested contact Darbie/Rob/John
*by March 24th to block rooms-Kathy H, Kristin, Angela, Marianne, Laura…
Committee: Sub-committee for negotiations
Open Positions: 
2-High School- Angela and  ?
2 Middle- Becky and  ?
2 Elementary- ? and  ?
1 Early Childhood-Maureen
June 1st- we had design the committee to have an overlap,
               * some positions will be from 2017-2018
                * some positions will be from 2017-2019
Email Darbie or John
Gwen meeting will be on hold until further notice.
Scholarships: WSEA-Fair Share is due by April 15th..

Recording Secretary Minutes: as received- unanimous affirmative
Treasurer’s Report: a received-unanimous affirmative
Membership Report: still working on email list
Corresponding Secretary: please continue to send information, working on FOCUS, and Spring Social.
Professional Rights and Responsibilities:
How does PLC  work in the buildings?

Building Share-outs: Dress Down, Report Card Comments

* Next Meeting is on Tuesday, April 11th Place TBA