Building Reps

Jen Dufresne

Marianne Singer
Jessica Jacobs Williamson
Kendra Danio educational support professional

Maureen Christofori
Gina Maloney

Joan Cameron
Karen Kane
Karen Santos

Deb Fiorentino
Melissa Duquette

Leanne Berggrun

Lisa Towle
Phyllis Zuccalo

Middle School
Becky Bryant
Grade 6
Natalie Savoy
Grade 7
Chuck Dufault
Grade 8
Kathleen Hillman
Unified Arts
Laurie Ashe

High School      
Tim Pitkin

Guidance/Technology Education/Arts
Angela Valinski  

Language Arts/ Foreign Language
Paul Taylor
Ann Roy         
Social Studies Department
Education Support Professionals

Professional Rights and Responsibilities (Grievance)
Robert Pettengill and Laura Canon Chairs    
High School          2           
Middle School       2                      
Elementary            2    
Kindergarten         1     

Political/Publicity Education
High School          2
Middle School       2   
Elementary            2       
Kindergarten         1     

Kristin Metcalf*
High School         2 
Middle School      2 
Elementary           2    
Kindergarten 1      

Insurance Advisory Chairperson
The Insurance Advisory Chairperson is responsible to hold regular Advisory Committee meetings for the purpose of enhancing the membership's health, dental, and life insurance plans.
Kathleen Hillman     

Election Committee
Purpose and Duties.  The Election Committee shall administer the annual Association election in accordance with Article X. and the annual elections for Association delegates to the state and national conventions and meetings in accordance with Article IX, Section 1., paragraph b.
HS Howard Bernard
MS Mike Mazotta

WSEA Scholarship
Purpose The WSEA Scholarship Committee shall plan, promote and award scholarships to selected graduating high-school seniors planning to attend institutions of higher learning.

Tim Pitkin 
20 Week Scholarship  Club
Tim Pitkin

RIF (Reduction in Force)
Purpose.  The WSEA “RIF and Recall” Committee shall work to ensure that any layoffs or reductions in force affecting members of the bargaining units represented by the Association, and any subsequent recalls of such bargaining-unit members, are in accordance with the requirements of the contract(s) in force between the Association and the School Committee or other agency of the Town of West Springfield.

Sick Bank Unit A
High School        Angela Valinski
Middle School     Becky Bryant*                                 
Elementary          Melissa Martin

Bylaws Howard Bernard*

Focus On the WSEA
Kristen Hogan

WSEA website
Kathy Hillman